Twitter Acknowledges Strange ‘Unfollow Bug’: Cause For Concern?

For some months now, we have come across Tweeples who have been complaining about Twitter automatically unfollowing their connections at random. Many thought that it was a stray bug but today Jonathan Owyang wrote about it in TechCrunch and it seems the bug has been affecting a whole lot of people over the months.


The bug results in Twitter unfollowing your connections arbitrarily and at time repeatedly even after you have followed them back. Twitter knows about it and they have been working to fix the issue. They even have a support page for the bug. Twitter has had repeated issues with its servers due to the load they face during events like Super Bowl but by far this is the strangest. The issue might even have caused strains in many an online relationship.

People take Twitter very seriously when it comes to whom they follow and who follows them. In a world where people keep in touch with old friends on Twitter, such bugs can result in very serious consequences. Of course, it may not happen often but there is always a possibility. Twitter should fix this issue ASAP and let the Twitterverse be normal again.

Have you faced this issue? You should get it clarified immediately with those contacts.

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