TimesJobs’ Mobile Site Gets A Makeover; Taking Simplicity To The Next Level?

TimesJobs, India’s premier Job search portal has upgraded its mobile centric website. After listening to job-seekers’ feedback, TimeJobs has made significant changes to its mobile site making it even more user-friendly. The aim is to enhance job-search experience while on the move.

We gave the mobile website a quick tour & here’s what they have to offer:

  • Ability to save Jobs,
  • Easily Create custom Job alerts
  • Get single click access to matching job alerts
  • Get updates on responses to job applications
  • Get status updates on career services packages that the candidate has purchased
  • Auto-Login

Along-with job specific offerings, the mobile website also offers horoscope predictions & other features that are available on the desktop site. Features like ‘Which Recruiters Viewed Your Profile’ have been included too.

It seems TimeJobs wishes to stay one step ahead of its competition. A while back Naukri had taken similar steps. With companies slowly moving towards the social media to capture good candidates, how effective are these techniques? These initiatives seem primarily targeted towards Job-seekers. Many companies ban such websites from their internal server ecosystem. Under such strict circumstances, job seekers are left with no alternative but to use their mobile phones to access job offers. However, given the diminutive screen real estate, browsing the full-fledged desktop optimized version is quite cumbersome. The other alternative is a mobile app. But it requires installation.

The simplest method is a mobile-optimized website that can be accessed even on low-end phones with simple GPRS.

TimesJobs initiated the step of listening to its users & had accordingly revamped its desktop site earlier. While we had predicted this move, seems like companies have listened & will soon have two versions of their sites, one for desktop & the other for such miniature devices.

Have you searched for Jobs from a Mobile? How was the experience?

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