Samsung Launches Cricket Website To Promote Its Windows 7 phone, Omnia

The IPL season is here and every other brand is trying to cash in on the hype that the annual sporting event generates. Samsung Mobile India has partnered with Affle Media to provide cricketing fans a unique mobile browsing experience and also promote its first Indian Windows 7 phone, Omnia W.

The website called and intends to offer interesting trivia and content on cricketing facts, off-the-field news, news-bite, match updates and contests. The innovative thing about this website is the fact that the UI is entirely modeled the Live Tile UI of the Windows Phone 7 platform. This is a pretty awesome adaptation of the interface to a website and it does look very good with some prominent branding from Samsung about their Omnia series of WIndows 7 Phone. Omnia W was launched in India a few months ago. The website also features key features of Omnia W like ‘Spotlight’, ‘My hub’, ‘Avatar Stories’, ‘Live Score’ and ‘Leadboard’.

Sankalp Mehrotra, Regional Director, Business Development at Affle spoke of the website launch saying, “With the launch of The Cricket Hub, we are confident of creating, nurturing and sustaining an interesting platform for all cricket fans by offering them an inside view of an exciting off-the-field cricket action.”

Asim Warsi, Vice-President, Samsung India commented on the launch of the website saying, “Mobile has become a key medium of consumption for consumers to meet their information and entertainment needs. Hence, it is an important platform for us to engage with them. Cricket Hub is an appropriate medium to give our unique Window’s Phone experience and exciting cricket content on the user’s mobile.

This website does not just focus on Windows Phone 7 users but can also be accessed by people on other mobile platforms like Blackberry, iPhone and Android. It intends to show the UI to all and thereby increase the awareness and reach of the product. Other users can access it by going to the website:

This kind of promotion is necessary for Samsung and its Windows phone because Nokia has just released it Lumia series of Windows 7 Phones. The Lumia series is being marketed strongly on Traditional and Digital platforms and Samsung needs to keep up with it. As you know, there has been a head-to-head battle between Samsung and Nokia for the top spot in the Indian Mobile segment. Nokia is currently leading after being beaten by Samsung a few months back. These are results from 2 different studies and they seems to be indicating opposite results. Whatever the result, we can safely assume that the competition between both these mobile manufacturers is intense.

What are your thoughts on this initiative by Samsung?

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