Komli’s Monopoly Challenged By Ozone’s Partnership With Facebook

Ozone Media’s announcement of tie-up with Facebook for ad-inventory has apparently caused discomfort for Komli Media.

Ozone Media recently confirmed that it will offer Facebook’s ad inventory to its customers. Till recently, Komli Media had been the only Indian company to do so. In other words, Komli’s monopoly is being challenged here.

How does the ad-inventory work? Well, there are two places or segments where ad inventory on Facebook is sold. Premium placement ads wherein the ad management company is allowed to place media in the news feed, on mobile or on the new reach generator which guarantees a specified reach for a certain brand’s fan base. This premium segment is very valuable as it virtually guarantees much higher visibility & hence interaction with the advertisement. Gulshan Verma, Komli Media’s VP and Country Head – Ad Network in India and the Middle East confirms that Komil Media is still the only company entitled to this niche segment.

The other segment is the marketplace ads. In this case Komli Media may have to fight for the ad inventory share. But this has been true for many companies since Facebook sells such ad-inventory through bidding process. This allows anyone; marketers, agencies and networks to buy these spots through an auction. Apparently, it is this space where Ozone Media has signed an agreement & Komli media is unaffected, “Komli [still] holds the exclusive license in India with a platform that allows us to optimize the buying and creative placement of these ads at a much larger scale than most other networks” confirmed Verma.

Komli media has apparently spent considerable resources to setup a Facebook dedicated ad-serving platform to ensure advertisers get the best impact possible from Facebook. Of course that would depend on the company’s social media objectives. Interestingly, there’s also a third segment. That of Google Ad Exchange which only large-volume bidders can access. this must be owing to the minuscule Pay Per Click (PPC) or Pay Per Impression (PPI) rates.

So, apparently Komli media still holds the stick when it comes to Facebook’s premium ads.

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