Indian Use More Social Media Than Emails, Says Study

The findings of a survey commissioned by Norton to find out trends in Internet usage by Indians have verified the speculation that Indians show more love to social media than email. Norton is an online software security company which specialises in anti-virus software.

The survey reports that an average Indian spends roughly 9.7 hours a week on multiple social networking services like Facebook and Twitter and other applications that enable chatting with friends. Email on the other hand are showing a usage statistic of 6.1 hours a week. 8 out of 10 people quizzed by the survey claimed that they cannot live without the Internet for more than 24 hours. We can vouch for this statistic because now that more and more people are smartphones or Internet enabled feature phone, the web has become some sort of a life-line to the world in general and the withdrawal effects can be severe.

Overall, Indians spend 8.4 hours a day or up to 58 hours a week online. A proper breakdown of the hours spent per week on an average is given here.

  • General browsing – 12.9 hours
  • Social networking – 9.7 hours
  • E-mails – 6.1 hours
  • Financial activities – 4.7 hours
  • Uploading/Downloading – 2.9 hours

The survey was conducted with inputs from 500 respondents out of which 48% were women. The people who were surveyed fell into a broad age bracket of 18-64 years. The only surprising thing about this survey is that fact that such numbers were calculated even when the age brackets upper limit was 64 years. This shows how even middle-aged and senior citizens have discovered the web and all that it has to offer.

Email is only being used more or less for professional and office purposes while all the personal work, connection building and communications are carried out through social networks and chatting apps both on the desktop as well as mobile devices.

So how many hours do you spend on social networks every week?

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