Bharti Infratel’s Initiative To Go Green With GSM Association Will Promote Healthier Practices

In a move bound to have lasting repercussions, Bharti Infratel, along with GSM Association will develop and promote green technologies.

Bharti Infratel who owns 33,000 of India’s estimated 400,000 towers, will promote energy efficient cell phone equipment for telecom tower infrastructure in the country.

To begin with Bharti Infratel will convert 1,000 towers into green sites that will effectively reduce greenhouse gas carbon emissions by 11,000 Tones.

How will it happen? Well, most of the  towers will run on multiple sources of renewable energy resources. Around 1350 of these sites are already running on solar hybrid. Meaning, during day time, the towers will source energy from the solar cells & during night, they will work on energy efficient engines that use a combination of fuels including wind & other bio-fuel. Such combination fuels not only saves our environment, but can lead to increased cell-phone coverage to areas where regular supply of fuel is not viable.

Bharti has always been known to offer lucrative tariffs & content to capture customers. However, this initiative marks a first in the endeavor to preserve our plant for the future generation. While Vodafone had come up with a solar-powered phone, Bharti’s endeavor is on a much grander scale. There was even talks of a solar powered tablet, but nothing much has come of it.

Under the partnership Infratel will further convert 1000 more towers when the first lot has undergone transformation. GSM Association (GSMA) is a global group uniting nearly 800 of world’s mobile operators & around 200 ancillary mobile ecosystem companies. Using this first of its kind partnership will help the association generate a ‘Best Practices’ Guide & a detailed case-study will help other companies follow suit.

While tech giant Google is already into renewable energy, it is truly heartening to see a telecom company take up the crusade.

Let’s see how many mobile service companies follow the example set by Bharti & convert their towers into green zones.

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