New Facebook App Lets You List Your Enemies: Will You Use It?

Not everyone defines their online relationships as friendly. Facebook has made us all think of our connections as friends while all our connections may not be our friends at all. Recognizing this, they introduced a new feature called Smart lists which helps you list your connections as Close Friends, Acquaintances, Colleagues or Family.

Even after all this, the whole of Facebook is modelled on the fact that everyone is a friend and no one hates anyone. Hence every post has a ‘Like’ but no ‘Dislike’ as opposed to ‘Up voting’ and ‘Down voting’ on Reddit. If Social Media is supposed to be a replacement for our relationships with people, Facebook is clearly not doing it right.

A new Facebook app which allows you to list all the people that you hate and can’t stand has been making waves. It is called EnemyGraph and it asks users to use Facebook to declare their enemies. The app was developed by a research group in the Emerging Media and Communication program at the University of Texas, Dallas. It has grown quite popular for its anti-friending utility and has gained 10k users in the short span of 36 hours.

People want to express themselves in broader ways, and not always in the ways that Facebook prefers. I think this is a blind spot, an opportunity,” EnemyGraph co-creator and program director Dean Terry was quoted by Venture Beat.

The popularity of this app signifies that people want to list people they do not like, something that is not permitted by most social networks. Currently, the apps maintainers are finding it difficult to handle the popularity. The app allows you to list not only people you know but also popular people like celebrities and politicians. EnemyGraph calculates the most hated people on Facebook depending on data keyed in by its users and publishes it.

The listing your enemies but it was developed as research tool to understand online relationships. Terry says, “You learn a lot about people by what they dislike. This app opens the door to wondering if there’s a way to draw people together against something that in turn results in positive social change, or at least brings [people] together in new ways.”

Let us see how long people can keep hating. What do you think of this app? Will you use it to declare your enemies?

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