IPL Teams Play Hard On The Digital Turf: Will It Reap Results?

The IPL season 5 is about to kick-off & franchises are getting ready to lure the crowds flocking on the social media scene. The campaigns to increase viewership ratings have long begun. But, this time around mere viewership is not enough, companies want fans to have active discussions over the social media & digital playground.

The companies are busy conjuring up multiple ways to engage their fans interactivity in order to jack-up reach, loyalty and awareness.

Lets look at some initiatives. Almost every team now has a completely revamped website. Additionally, Delhi Daredevils went an extra mile and translated the entire version in Hindi. Hemant Dua who owns Inspiranti Sports, a sports consultancy company, wishes to capture even that audience that does not interact in English but want to be part of the social media talking about their teams. “I am sure the other franchisees, too, will see this opportunity and go regional” he quips.

Kolkata Knight Riders went a step ahead & changed their logo as well as philosophy: New Dawn New Knights.  The company shares the same aim as that of Delhi Daredevils; Increase engagement.

To ease the ticketing woes, IPL teams already have online ticketing portals selling tickets to selective teams. Mumbai Indians Team even has popular players Sachin Tendulkar, Harbhajan Singh, Rohit Sharma and Lasith Malinga posting personalized messages on Facebook. These videos have the potential to go viral & so will the thinly veiled advertisement!

Have you begun participating in such activities to cheer your teams?

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