Amazon In The Process Of Building Cloud Service: Next Logical Step After Junglee?

Amazon made waves a few months back when they launched, an online marketplace where people can buy and sell their goods with ease. The launch went ‘viral’ even though Amazon didn’t spend any money on marketing it. Amazon had been very secretive of its plan since there was an issue of FDI in the country and they did not want to make their plans public. Now, we are hearing that something else may also be in the works, mainly in the ‘Cloud’ territory.

Amazon, it seems has been busy building some kind of a ‘Cloud Service’ and this may be launched within a year in India. They have been concentrating mostly on setting up the tech infrastructure for such a service. CloudPro also reports that they will be leasing some infrastructure from Tata Communications. India does not have many companies offering a public cloud. Ever since Cloud became an ‘in thing’, we have been using global service like Dropbox, Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Amazon’s Cloud Drive. All these services work well but till date there has not been one Indian public cloud service provider in the same league as that of these companies. Amazon’s cloud effort may be local but there is some confusion with respect to the already existing Amazon Cloud Drive which was launched almost half a year back.

Is Amazon revamping its existing cloud services specifically for India or is it a whole new product?

It is difficult to tell right now. We think it will be redesign of their existing service which caters specially to the Indian Market. It will probably be in sync with which is rumored to be in the works provided that they manage to resolve all the FDI related issues that may crop up.

Do you feel the Indian E-commerce space needs another heavyweight? 

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