Samsung To Focus On Jammu & Kashmir: Will It Turn Them Into The Leader In The Mobile Market?

Samsung wants to be a leader when it comes to the Indian mobile market. Samsung Electronics DGM Aditya Murthy, while speaking to reporters said, “We are looking to take absolute leadership in mobiles in India in terms of volumes and business in next few years”.









The Indian mobile phone market is exploding. With consumers becoming more aware, the market for smart phones is growing. As telecom companies scramble to offer exciting games & exclusive content, Indians are lapping up newer devices. Samsung has clearly understood the dynamics of Indian market. Hence, has launched smart-phones not on the number of features, but based on screen sizes & accordingly, the budget. That is, on one hand it has the behemoth Samsung Galaxy Note (5’ Screen) costing upwards of Rs. 30,000 (US$ 600), on the other end is the Galaxy Fit costing no more than US$ 200.

Being present across the spectrum of price has enabled Samsung to beat its oldest & strongest rival Nokia. Nokia had a firm hold over the Indian mobile market, but it lost its lead owing to some lethargy in offering innovation.

Further expansion, Samsung has realized, is possible by entering markets which are just waking up. Jammu & Kashmir, for example is one such market.  Owning to political unrest & difficult terrain, many telecom companies were reluctant to set-up infrastructure. However, with the region enjoying long-term peace, the telecom sector will surely see exponential growth & when it does, Samsung wants to be there, and “Jammu and Kashmir is the best market for business. It is going to have a great growth,” says Murthy.

Samsung is looking at setting up shops to reach the customers there. There has been growth in other product segments too, said Murthy. For example, notebooks, have registered an 8% growth. Looks like Samsung has slowly, but steadily getting ready to topple the market leaders with its value-for-money offerings.

Which Samsung product have you used? What has been your experience?

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