Hyderabad Airport Now Social Media Savvy; Follows Delhi And Mumbai’s Footsteps

With Social Media now being a viable way for brands to communicate with their target audience, more and more enterprises are establishing their presence on Facebook and Twitter. Restaurants, service Providers and even Airports. Last year, Mumbai’s CSIA established a strong Social Media presence. Delhi Airport too followed suit and did the same. Now, it is Hyderabad’s turn.

Rajiv Gandhi Hyderabad International Airport, which is managed by the GMR Group, will begin using social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Their end objective is twofold: to promote the airport and to establish a quick feedback mechanism. One of the reasons that contributed to this could be the fact that after Delhi, Hyderabad airport received the maximum number of complaints last year.

This was reaffirmed by an airport source, “The Airport already has an official account on Facebook with thousands of visitors. Currently a team of experts is working on how to go vigorously using social media. It serves two purposes, it helps promote the airport and can also get real-time feedback and complaints,”

The airport, which was made brand new a few years ago, already enjoys a state of the art infrastructure. They have the free Wi-Fi facility for their passengers. However, setting up the Wi-Fi is somewhere a lot of people find confusing. Using Social Media, they can help allay passengers’ queries in real time, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Over the past few months, it was observed that Mumbai’s CSIA Twitter Handle has managed to build an impressive rapport with frequent flyers who use Twitter. They have had many contests and games, and even given away prizes for witty answers. Further, any questions one asks are handled with good speed and accuracy.

We feel that Hyderabad too will benefit from having a SM Presence at their airport, and makes countless passenger’s journeys more enjoyable.

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