Chrome Slips Back to Second Place: Ousted By Internet Explorer

Google’s web-browser Chrome has slipped back to second place confirmed StatCounter.












After briefly enjoying the top spot for a week, Google Chrome has been dethroned by the most popular browser Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE).

The week ended March 18th had confirmed Chrome’s market share at 32.7%, a mere 0.2% higher than IE. Analysts observed that on weekends, people tend to prefer Chrome rather than IE which is still perceived as the work place browser. Interestingly, Chrome is much more popular as a casual browser in India, Russia & Brazil. On an average, Chrome enjoys a healthy 28% market share. The increase in usage is just a spike & does not have any long-term implications.

This pattern can lead to many interesting hypothesis as companies plan to fine tune their advertising keeping in mind the various browsers people prefer. If chrome is preferred more on weekends, companies might make a switch to chrome for advertisements of more leisurely activities, while maintaining IE as the tool to promote productivity products.

A while ago Google had announced a hefty prize to anyone who managed to crack open Chrome.

Such powerful marketing statements & gimmicks are vital for increasing usage.

How did the company analyze the usage?

StatCounter analyzes 3 million websites for the source from which they are accessed. Each browser has a unique code which gets imprinted along-with other details like IP etc. When this information was repeated over 15 Billion times each month, one gets a clear idea as to which browser is being preferred.

Chrome is growing. No one can deny that. But will it beat IE who owns 35% (down from 45%) for a longer time?

Well, it depends on the innovations that the individual companies manage to cram-in them.

Do you follow this pattern of usage?


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