BSNL Wants To Link Villages With Optical Fiber; Internet Revolution?

BSNL has initiated work on the National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN) Project & estimates completion within 2 years. BSNL has received Rs. 20,000 crores to establish telecommunication links across all villages in India. The aim is to take e-governance to rural and remote areas. While many are doing the same for profits, BSNL only wants to see India growing!

BSNL CMD R.K. Upadhyaya also stated that, “Once the NOFN was created, it would help in offering governance, banking and health and other basic services online up to the villages and rural areas”.

While urban India enjoys high-speed broadband, villages are still struggling to get basic connectivity. BSNL wants to increase the tele-density, which is currently only 37% in rural areas. Once Rural India is equipped with adequate internet facility, the developmental pace should surely pick-up.

Govt. has been truly interested in developing such far-flung areas. BSNL has been among the chosen soldiers. However, the company is still struggling to carryon daily functioning because of cash crunch. However, this fund infusion may just be enough to bolster the speed of development & deployment. The NOFN project will involve laying down of Optical Fiber Cable (OFC). For the same, BSNL has already inked deals with PGCIL (Power Grid Corporation of India Limited) and RailTel cable network. Cable has already been laid from Kolkata to Dhaka (Bangladesh) & will be extended to cover other North-Eastern states.

BSNL accounts for 80% of landlines & 90% of broadband connections. Additionally, the national carrier also holds 30% of all mobile connections. Just imagine the potential once villages are linked with such high-speed internet facilities! While the railways & even railway stations have been connected by high speed broadband, it is now time for the villages to enjoy the same benefits.

Do you think high-speed internet is vital for rural India?

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