IPG Mediabrands To Help Better Analyze data; Opens Analytics Division

Within a month of landing in India IPG Mediabrands has opened it Media Analytics Division.

Why they chose India? Well, Sue Moseley, Worldwide Director, Research and Futures, Mediabrands, quips that India is just like other markets, filled with consumers, brands & data.

IPG Mediabrands is confident that annually data analytics help to reduce brand building expenditure by about 15% & can also help in curtailing wasteful practices. With the advent of large brands making a beeline for India, it will be vital for them to better communicate with their present & potential customers. Under this, IPG has also come up with ‘Shopper Science’. This division will help brands clearly understand exactly how the consumers are reacting to their brands.

The consumer-brand engagement has taken multiple hues. Today there are multiple channels for brands to showcase their products. Additionally, newer platforms like Social Media have unlimited potential to make or break a brand. Many companies have realized this after burning their fingers. These firms often specialize in offering answers to questions that often are not easily answerable.

Data Analysts often work on mathematical techniques which crunch real-world data shared by real users across various channels of communication.

Presently, Mediabrands works with Lodestar UM and Lintas Media Group. The aim of the  company is to first establish a firm presence in India for its data analytics division. For this the company is closely collaborating with the various departments of the aforementioned companies. Expansion will considered at a later stage, “The plans are to get as many clients as possible to our various analytics practices in India and to build a strong team for this division in India” shares Sue.

Considering the huge campaigns, brands run now a days, we now know who is behind them!

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