Google Chrome Establishes Itself As Number 1 Globally

Leading Web analytics firm StatCounter has revealed that Chrome, the super fast browser by Google has overtaken all other browsers in the race towards the number one position globally. This number one position was achieved since more and more people are using Chrome on the weekends instead of IE. Most workplaces have IE as default and hence the market share and usage of IE shoots up during the weekdays. Chrome’s position is tentative but it highlights how the comparatively young browser is now head to head with Microsoft’s IE.

On March 18th, Chrome was found to be used for 32.7% of all browsing while IE had around 32.5% of the share. The following weekdays the IE share rose up to 35% while Chrome fell to 30%. Chrome’s monthly figures shows that its share has increased to 31% in March this year compared to the 17% market share it has last year.

IE on the other hand has slipped down to 35% from 45% last year. Mozilla’s Firefox is popular around the world, especially in Europe, and its market share is constant at 25%. Apple’s Safari lags at the 4th position with a 7% share and Opera is at 2%, a position that the Norwegian company has been more or less constant at.

StatCounter’s findings are based on aggregate browsing data from nearly 3 million websites which sample more than 15 billion page views per month.

Chrome has been on its way up since the quite some time now. It overtook Firefox in January this year in terms of market share. Google is all set to add a lot of firepower to Chrome which will help it capture even more market share.

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