Facebook Photos Get Enhanced Features: High Resolution And Full-screen Toggle

Facebook has announced that they will now be adding another change to Facebook Photos to improve the quality of photos displayed. Facebook made this change yesterday and they promise that this update will make photo viewing even better than it is.

Here are some of the enhancements that they will be adding.

1. High Resolution Photos:

The photo viewer on Facebook will now automatically display images of the highest possible resolution. This means that High resolution photos will now fill up your screen. Facebook says that these new high resolution photos will be 4 times bigger than what they are now resulting in a better viewing experience.


Image credit: Facebook


2. Full screen View:

Another addition is the full screen toggle switch which will be located at the top right corner of the image. This feature will work on the latest version of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Image Credit: Facebook

The new features were a result of Facebook Engineer Ryan Mack finding out that Facebook was displaying photos with slight color abnormalities. He uploaded some photos of the Sydney Opera House to Facebook and noticed that the color of the photos was a few shades darker than normal. Internet photos display in sRGB and Mack says that turning the RGB on can result in a 30% longer load times which would result in Facebook slowing down a big deal. Image Scientist Apostolos Lerios found out how to remove parts of color profiles that are not necessary. With these enhancements, Facebook can now display higher quality and resolution photos at normal speeds.

Have you checked out these features yet? Let us know how the new color profile is working for you.

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