BlackBerry Loses To iPhone On Home Turf

Apple’s iPhone has managed to dislodge BlackBerry from its top position on its home turf, Canada.

Blackberry had long been a preferred favorite with the Enterprise crowd. However, it did not fight to stay ahead. RIM shipped 2.08 Million BlackBerries, while Apple managed to push 2.85 Million iPhones! BlackBerry, which enjoyed Canadians trust as it was ‘Made in Canada’, to exhibit such fall-out is sign of impending doom. The company will now have to do something drastic. To halt the sales slump that’s spreading north from the US, Thorsten Heins, RIM’s new CEO, has vowed to do something “Dramatically Different”. Only time will tell what he has in store to save the company.

Where did RIM go wrong?

Innovation is the main weapon in smart-phones. Companies have to constantly think outside the box. While RIM did innovate, the timing went terribly awry. We are still waiting for the QNX inspired devices. Not to mention the ‘revolutionary’ BlackBerry OS 10  has still to hit markets. In the meanwhile Apple steadily innovated its hardware with eye-catching & easy to use features. Its latest speech-recognition software Siri has found many takers.

BlackBerry still has a trump card, that of security for its customers. It has always held a very strong position about protecting privacy of its users. However, with the recent giving in  to Govt.’s demands, people can start to worry about the extent to which compromises might be made. But if it decides to stick together & focus on bringing newer & powerful devices brimming with innovations, it can still win back the hearts of its fans.

In an attempt to get ahead in sales, it even slashed prices of its tablet. But it was a just a temporary solution. What do our readers think should be RIM’s next move?

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