Walmart Backs Angry Birds New Iteration With Hidden Promos; Cleaver Branding Strategy?

Walmart is now promoting the next version of the Popular Game Angry Birds. Rovio has decided to co-promote the newest version across a variety of mobile platforms, not just Android or iOS. Earlier versions of the game have been downloaded over 700 Million times!

Why is Walmart promoting an online game? This attempt marks Walmart’s first in-store promotion with a mobile app. It appears to be a case of synergistic branding & sales technique. Apparently,  game clues will be hidden in select limited-edition Angry Birds Space merchandise. Owing to the popularity of the game, Walmart hopes to offload quite a load of their goods on to the fans.

Quite recently, Rovio had turned down US$ 2.25 Billion Acquisition bid by its rival Zynga. Facebook’s games are designed, developed & run by Zynga. The game has even inspired some quirky knock-offs. That said, the company was recently a victim of law-suite too, but judging by the current scenario the same seems to have fizzled out.

Rovio now appears more open to sign deals with large companies. Walmart’s Facebook page already has 13 Million Fans. These could further enhance sales. Rovio has also inked a deal with T-mobile for game demos. Wonder when Rovio will come to India for similar tie-ups?

Effective promotions have been always ruled by one factor: Uniqueness. More the promotion, the better the chances of garnering more interest from potential customers. Rovio’s Angry Birds have always held a special place for gamers.

Will you buy merchandise to get bonus content in a virtual game?

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