Online Portal For Offline Games Launched

An IIT-Delhi Alumnus Chetan Kumar has launched an online portal to sell games for multiple gaming platforms.

The website currently offers a large collection of game titles meant for PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. Games for PS Vita seem missing though.

We gave the site a quick tour & were truly impressed with the simple yet comprehensive assortment features. Users can choose their choice of console (PC, PS3 etc.) & the site displays games which rank high in popularity. Additionally, if one is a fan of a particular game, the site also has search optimization title ‘Similar To’. Apart from standard search filters like ‘Theme’ or ‘Genre’, what we truly liked was the ability to search games.

With simple integration with Facebook, Twitter & Google+, the gaming site maker has ensured word-of-mouth publicity is neatly achieved. Presently, the games appear to be delivered in physical form & free-shipping is offered!

Chetan had earlier worked on (Whose majority stake was picked up by SAIF Partners). Gameblaze is a product-specific vertical e-com site that competes with Flipkart, Snapdeal. Further, it is mauling an international sales endeavor in collaboration with Amazon and Gamestop. With an estimated global market worth US$ 70 Billion, India has yet to witness growth in sales of games. Rampant piracy may be the root cause. However, as more & more sites offer content at attractive prices, we hope the youth of today will refrain from the lure of pirated games, movies & songs.

Lets hope this initiative proves an effective deterrent to piracy. What do you think?

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