War On Piracy Continues: 104 Music Sharing Sites To Be Blocked

Few days ago, we spoke about popular file download site Songs.pk being blocked by ISP’s due to a directive by the Calcutta High Court.  We also said how easily the website circumvented the block by simply changing its URL The same high court has issued a directive to ISP’s of India to block a total of 104 Music Download Sites. It looks like the effort to eradicate piracy in India is getting really serious.

The ISP’s have been instructed to restrict access to the 104 sites by either blocking the domain names and IP addresses, or by using a method called Deep Packet Inspection.  You can see the entire list of 104 music sites that have been banned here.  The ban took place due to the efforts of the IMI or Indian Music Industry, a group consisting of 142 music companies. One such company is popular label Saregama.

Interestingly, CEO of Saregama Mr. Apurv Nagpal said, “Whether it is ad networks now or talking to illegal sites – most sites are those with a passion for music. We don’t want these sites to be shut down, we want them to pay a license fee and flourish as a business. There are legitimate businesses in operation too. The scope is there, and we want these sites to be legal.”

It is noteworthy that, music companies don’t want to shut down the websites and fine the owners, but rather council them to move to a legal business model by which other companies are not hurt. This has happened in the West too. The founder of the first Music Piracy Portal, Kaza, is now the founder of Spotify, a booming Pay-For-Music Model that has millions of users.

When it comes to online purchase of music, Flipkart’s Flyte cannot be missed. If more companies adopt models similar to Flyte, or even move to a model where, on paying a fixed monthly rate, allowing unlimited download of music, such as Nokia’s Nokia Music Unlimited, we can see Piracy actually going down to manageable levels.

What do you think? What is the best solution out of this? Do let us know in the comments below.


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