SMSCountry’s To Make Invitations Simpler

SMSCountry, which made its name by offering personal messaging on 160by2 has launched, an Indian website enabling sending online invitations. The SMS Website was a great success offering Person to Person Messages. It was recently bought by Way2online Interactive India Pvt Ltd (Way2Online) for an undisclosed amount in an all-cash deal.

What’s the new venture about? The website enables users to send event invitations across all channels & partners i.e. SMS, Voice, Email and Facebook. Social Networking giant Facebook already has an event planner. But the focus here is not events but personal gatherings like birthday invitations, etc. Additionally, there’s a personal touch with audio too. We wonder, will local languages be supported too?

Users are given the freedom to record own message or use a pre-recorded one. Additionally, personalized SMS, customizable e-mail write-ups & of course Facebook invitations form part of the invitation options. The features that FB too has are editing details with instant alerts, automated RSVPs & finally a Contact / Address book. Launched as a free service users can create up to 2 events a month & send up to 50 SMS, 50 Voice SMS and 100 email messages. Perhaps sending more might require purchasing a subscription. Further, judging by the way 160by2 made its money, there exists possibility of recipients getting small snippets of advertising too.

Recently, Hotmail star Sabeer Bhatia too had started a free messaging service. However, we have yet to hear of it success story. Looking at the competition in this space.

India has been crazy about short messaging services for long. However, recently companies have chosen to shift focus to include a more human element. Recently Bubble Motion launched a speech-based social networking tool. Considering all this, it may not be a surprise, why SMSCountry chose to follow a different track altogether.

Would you rely on such service to send invites?


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