Handygo To Collaborate With CABI For Agriculture Related Information

Continuing its endeavors to tap the rural market Handygo has partnered with non-profit organization CABI to offer mobile based agriculture solutions to the rural population of India. While Handygo is good at technical solutions, CABI will offer region-specific data from its Direct2Farm agriculture knowledge repository.

Mobile Companies have started to realize the importance of using phones as the delivery channel to impart valuable knowledge. Given the penetration these relatively small devices have achieved, it makes a great sense. A while ago, Indian Govt. too offered to answer queries raised by farmers.

How does the service from Handygo differ? Using CABI’s sources, Handygo’s service will offer updated & information on health, education, finance, weather information,  livestock, agriculture and fisheries. The focus though will remain on current agricultural, regional health, banking, and education issues.

Being scalable, Handygo has confirmed that the service can be adopted by mobile network operators, government bodies, NGOs and educational and research institutions too. They too can provide customized solutions on agriculture and allied topics to the rural subscribers.

The rural market holds a lot of potential that is as of yet not explored fully. Mobile companies too have been reluctant citing high input costs. However, in a country where 2/3rd of Population resides in villages, offering such simple services can be a great money-making idea, feels Elizabeth Dodsworth from CABI, “We have noticed a great potential in the untapped and high potential rural market and look forward to sharing the research and data with various stakeholders for ensuring the latest and validated information

With Sachin Pilot’s dictum, the service will be primarily offered in regional languages beginning with Hindi.

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