Facebook Revamps Events To Make Planning Parties Easier

Facebook Events, the party planning feature from Facebook has received an upgrade in terms of features. Now its is much easier to create Facebook Events and invite the right people. This new change makes planning a party or a get-together feel like a breeze. We will be listing the new features below.

Now you can create an event with much lesser input fields i.e name, date and privacy. Other fields like Location, details and time fields are optional. This provides more flexibility to the planners and allows them to factor in last minute changes in schedule and itinerary. There is now increased support for timezones and strong privacy feature. There is now an option to make the event public or invite-only. The invite-only option lets you pick and choose the right kind of friends.


Events now has a more organized wall which shows you all the details and progress of the event planning as it happens through time. Posts and Photos about the upcoming event are sorted by ‘activity’ and are automatically bumped up in the timeline. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a particular post on the event page and ask questions to the invitees. The notifications can be easily turned off if you want so it makes it feel like Facebook groups.


When you invite someone to an event, Facebook will notify you the moment they join. This gives an old school feeling of ‘inviting someone via text/SMS/email and getting back their response ASAP’.  If you cannot make it to the party and choose the decline option, only the person who invited you will be notified and your post will not be visible in the event wall. It will instead be located in the ‘View Declines’ link at the top of the page.

Facebook Events is being increasingly used by most people to plan medium sized parties and get-together but it can be scaled to include huge events to like a concert maybe? TechCrunch says that they will need to start a ticketing system soon if they want to handle big events like concerts and stuff. We agree.

Have you planned an event using Facebook events yet? Try it and let us know how you like it.

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