Aakash II Will Be Launched In April With No Price Hike

Touted to be the world’s cheapest, Aakash tablet really made a splash when it was made available. Hence, a newer & refined version simply titled Aakash II will be made available to students in higher technical education institutions in April.

The next iteration will have double the processing speed at 700MHz (Cortex A8 processor), a 3200 mAH battery & most importantly a capacitive screen will replace the cumbersome Resistive one found on its earlier version. All of this will be available for Rs. 2999 (US$ 60), which will be further subsidized for students at Rs. 1750 (US$ 35).

The initial production schedule of only 1 lakh units should certainly be taken-up by students alone.

Aakash is certainly the cheapest, but it too has healthy competition. Recently, IITians launched Classpad. Another tablet christened ATab was released by Acrossworld. Both these tablets & their respective companies have a clear focus towards education. Companies are surely gearing to offer their best in this ever expanding filed. On one hand we have niche products like Apple’s iPad being used to spread education, while on the other; we have such low cost tablets aiming to increasing literacy across India.

Aakash tablet when launched did have its fair share of arguments between the makers & the Government. Many units were found to contain faulty screens & exhibited poor performance. We assume those issues have been sorted out in this new release. All this only points to a great future for children who were hereto unable to get access to even basic form of education. They will now be treated with multimedia content on their own tablets. Let’s hope the tablet proves just right for us.

Would you buy the Aakash II when it is made available to general public?

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