Web Radio Co. Aurality Secures Seed Funding: Pod-Casting Gets a Boost

Mumbai’s Aurality Technologies, the company behind the Aurality App has received US$ 300,000 (@ Rs. 1.5 Crores) from multiple Angel Investors.

The app sources text from blogs, news, articles or any website & converts them into audio and streams it in real time. Users can create their own personalized radio stations based on topics that interest them or by subscribe to RSS feeds. Aurality also has a recommendation engine which streams top news across various genres like sports, business, entertainment, technology, heath and travel, from across the world. And yes, Users can also share content with their friends through email or on social media.

 At present the Aurality App, in Beta version, is available only for the iPhone as free to download one.

Web-radio is not a new concept. Hence, in order to attract users Aurality has to offer something unique. The company intends to keep the app limited to India & US. However, plans to introduce an Android version are already been made.

TelCos need such apps to increase their data consumption which is vital to drive up revenues. Pod casting is a relatively new concept & should take some time to catch on. But the medium sure holds potential. A while ago we saw companies making cash through celebrity voice snippets. Social Networking has already made a huge impact. Hence, it seems to be just a matter of time that the two concepts are fused together.

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