Indian Broadband Speeding Up, But Still Way Behind

India as a country has been booming in various fields. While we see progress in all walks of life, there are still some areas in which we remain lagging way behind the world. One of these areas is: Internet Connectivity.

Akamai recently published their comprehensive State Of The Internet report for Q3 2011, and the results are both encouraging and discouraging. Here’s why we say this.

The following are characteristic of Indian Wired Broadband, as compared to Asia and the World: Average Connection Speed 

While the Top 3 spots belong to Asian countries, India has an Average Connection Speed of 0.9 Mbps. While this is not too much, it has grown at a steady rate of 12% in the last Quarter and Year.

Peak Internet Speed 

Peak Speed is the highest Internet Speed possible for consumers via regular broadband providers. Out of all the APAC countries, India, China and Philippine are the only three nations with peak speed below 10Mbps. India’s peak speed was 5.8Mbps.

% Connections Above 5Mbps 

5Mbps is the milestone taken to signify fast broadband. In South Korea, 79% of the connections were above 5Mbps. In India, just 0.6% of all connections made it past the benchmark.

%age Above 2Mbps 

One tenth of Indian connections were in speeds excess of 2Mbps. In comparison, 94% South Korean connections exceeded 2Mbps.

India The Leader In Narrowband 256Kbps Connections


In India, 29% of all connections have speeds less than 256Kbps. This means that even by India’s old definition of broadband, they do not qualify. These connections aren’t fast enough to watch YouTube videos, hold video and audio chats on VOIP services like Skype and even browse the Internet smoothly. As you can see, India is the only country with such high narrow band usage, with the rest of Asia having long moved on. Even globally, India has the 7th Highest number of narrow band connections, not something to be proud off. 

Mobile Internet  The report also includes a section dedicated to Mobile Internet

Says a quote in the report, “Mobile is fundamentally reshaping how we as consumers spend from housing and healthcare to entertainment and travel, from food and drinks to communication and transportation. Mobile not only influences purchase behaviour but also post purchase decisions“.

 The report says India’s Average Mobile Internet Speed is 1597 Kbps with a peak speed of 9Mbps. Average usage per month comes to 274 Mb per month. You can download it in its entirety from here, after signing up.

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