Cricketing Fever Rises Through Internet & Social Media

With the IPL just around the corner, Cricket will get a push through online media.

Companies are not leaving anything to chance & will vive for people’s attention to the game via the online Social Media. Cricket as a TV only game has experienced a waning interest. Owing to game timings interfering with work schedules, many cricket lovers have been forced to forgo watching the matches.

But, with the advent of Mobile Technology, matches will soon be broadcasted live. Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has issued fresh tenders for broadcasting rights through online media. The tender winning company will have the sole rights to broadcast the matches live across the web & on mobiles.

The idea of streaming live content online is not new. Earlier, websites were doing it by re-broadcasting the live stream from the TV channels. This entitled a lot of delay. But with the exclusive rights, websites can choose to broadcast their own streams & even monetize their ventures through advertising. Given the technology, one might even see personalized & intelligent advertising begin offered. Since Internet offers interactivity, the possibilities are simply endless!

To ensure that people remain engrossed with one of the most popular games, companies have jacked up their Social Media Advertising budget by 10-15%. The IPL season 5 which is about to commence on 4th April will have Players uploading their personal videos on their respective Teams’ Facebook page. The campaign, titled “Players Become Friends”, will be supported by Radio and Television but will have the social media as the backbone.

However, teams will have to also play watchdogs as players sometime do take grudges online. This can be disastrous to the image. However, this campaign appears choreographed & rehearsed . Hence one can expect only ‘Good Points’ to be highlighted. With almost a 1000 Crores Advertisement potential, teams like Mumbai Indians, Delhi Daredevils, Chennai Super Kings have already begun individual campaigns to increase viewer participation.

We can surely expect a lot of banter on the popular networking sites concerning cricket. What do you think?

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