The Domination Of Tablets And The Importance Of Connectivity: Which One Should Get Priority?

Apple is one company that manages to create an aura of mystery around their devices. In the weeks and months before an Apple device launch, a hundred and one rumors float around the internet. This time was no different. Rumors said the new iPad would be called the iPad3 or the iPad HD. They said it would come in a smaller 7 inch form factor, would have a completely different type of touch screen, and would cost less than the iPad2.

The third iteration of Apple’s iPad was launched on Wednesday. As usual, more than 90% of the rumors proved False. Even the name was not able to be correctly predicted, as Apple broke their traditional numbering system and simply called it ’The new iPad’.

Here is what’s new in the iPad:

  • Ultra High Resolution Screen in the same 9.7 inch size.
  • 5 Megapixel ‘iSight Camera’
  • Faster Quad Core Graphics Chip, along with the same Dual Core Processor
  • Support for 4G LTE Networks

The new iPad adopted the exact same pricing strategy as the old iPad, and the iPad2 got a price reduction of $100. This effect was immediately felt in India, with retailers reducing the iPad2′s (16 GB, WiFi) price from 29,000 to 23,000 overnight. Apple listen a number of countries in which the new iPad would be launching on March 16th. Sadly, India was not one of them. As of now, we have no confirmed news of when Apple will be launching the new iPad in India. It is safe to say that Apple reinvented the Tablet market with their iPad range. Soon, other manufacturers too started coming out with their own ‘iPad Killers’, but most failed miserably in achieving good sales figures.

The number of tablets being churned out by manufacturers is stunning. In India, we have a lot of mid-range tablets like the Reliance Tab 3G and Beetel Magiq. We also have low-end tablets like the Akash and BSNL’s low cost tablet that will be launched soon. There is a lot of interest in tablets from the Indian public; market trends show tablets replacing the notebook as the default personal computing device. Also, with 3G technology already here and whispers of 4G coming soon, on the go connectivity on tablets is a major advantage.

Do you think tablets will be the dominant form factor in 2012-2013? Do let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Shed
    March 12, 2012 at 11:33 am #

    Apple is the best and first company to develop iphone and ipod.There are so many different tools and applications are in the iphone.I really like to use this kind of phones thanx to share with this kind of article.

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