Tulip To Introduce Hi-Def Teleconferencing

Tulip Telecom has inked a deal with  US company Polycom to bring high definition video conferencing to India. The Enterprise Data Service provider feels India is a accomplished market to accept such services & will obviously target large and medium enterprises. The technology will be cloud-based & managed from servers setup in India.

Video conferencing is not a new technology, but has remained a novelty owing to the lack of availability of adequate infrastructure. Tulip wants to alter that by offering “complete scalability & interoperability”. In simpler terms, it means the company will offer its infrastructural back-bone, but will also help companies leverage their existing setup to achieve better ROI. The high-definition managed video conferencing service as a tool will help bring down Operational Cost for users to a substantial level.

3G was supposed to bring such technologies to every corporate phone. But that is not happening anytime soon. The implications of this technology are not limited to board-rooms. We see a lot potential in other areas as well.

While Skype has attempted to bring free VOIP calls to Indians, Tulip wants to add high-definition video to it.

A while ago BSNL too introduced Voice & Video Over Internet Protocol (VVOIP). However, it has a network of fiber-optic cables that offer very high speed data transmission. We assume the tie-up with Polycom will help Tulip to lay a similar network. Together they can offer high-end, Telecom or Industrial grade infrastructure to companies on a ‘hosted’ model (leased) & Tulip wants to introduce ‘Pay As You Go’ Model to keep the upfront investment to a minimum.

We also see a lot of smaller companies using this feature in the coming years. What are your views?

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