Special Feature: Nokia Announces Nokia Music Theatre To Help Indian Folk Musicians

Music is going to play a big role in the Indian Digital Industry this year. Yesterday, we blogged about Hungama’s offering for Indian Indie artists, ArtistAloud.com. There is a lot of local music talent in India which is limited to rural towns because they do not have a way of getting the attention of the rest of the country.

Now, Nokia has announced their music initiative called Nokia Music Theatre which aims to provide a platform to these budding artists to showcase their craft to a bigger audience.

Nokia has partnered with Peninsula Studios and Universal Music to bring Nokia Music Theatre to the masses and help folk artists to be recognized in their own country. The project has handpicked 17 promising artists from a base of 700 artists in their talent hunt. They have focused only on the small towns and villages of the musically rich state of Rajasthan for now. The project has finally resulted in the release of an music album titled ‘Asha – Discovery of the Peninsula’. This album is available for download for Nokia users from the Nokia Music Store.

The role of Peninsula Studios in the project is to provide a point of contact to the artists, curate their music and help in the creation of music. Universal Music is dealing with the digital distribution of the music.

Sita Raina, Chief Operating Officer, Peninsula Studios,spoke about the project saying, “Nurturing diversity in music and reviving forms of music on the brink of extinction is our vision. Nokia is an ideal partner in realising this vision because of its own formidable musical legacy and a strong commitment to connecting people to their passions.”

This is a fantastic initiative by Nokia and is very strategic considering their attempt to capture the magic that they had on the Indian Mobile Segment some years back. Independent music is finally being heard in a country that just relies on mainstream Bollywood music for its sonic fix.

Companies and startups need to fix the gap in the digital distribution of music and make it viable so that it becomes convenient and offers more choice to the user in terms of taste.

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  1. March 9, 2012 at 1:41 pm #

    thanks to nokia. nokia phones music is great. nokia help some music composer of india. it help to grow better music in india

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