OrraHealth Focuses On Seamless Medical Connectivity

OrraHealth has come to the help of specialists visiting multiple clinics to offer their expertise. The Application christened OrraHealth was recently launched by Acroseas Global Solutions to help physicians record & offer prescriptions right off their iPhones. The application though presently available for iOS, will soon be launched for Android as well.

The medical profession is witnessing phenomenal amalgamation of smart-phone based technologies. The increasing power of these miniature devices is helping healthcare professional across the globe to interact, connect & share vital medical information. India on the other hand stands to gain from these easy-to-pocket instruments. India’s topography does not allow hi-tech medical facilities to be located everywhere. Very often, the first few crucial moments wherein a life can be saved, are lost as critical medical pre-care is not available., With mobiles acting as carriers of information, vital medical advice can easily be sent within seconds & the patient, once stabilized, can be shifted to a nearby specialty care unit.

Education, awareness & knowledge are being sent across the remote corners of the world thanks to mobile phones. While TelCos are busy offering Value Added Services, some pioneers are already leading the way in Mobile Health or m-heath.

The OrraHealth app has inbuilt file storage and management mechanism. It features a user-friendly web interface incorporating wholesome work analytics. What it means is patients’ medical history is stored in the cloud & retrieved as & when needed. Physicians need only to select the clinic, record the patient dictation and instantly upload the audio file to the transcriptions. The Acroseas Global Solutions team then transcribe the dictation & conjure up the dictated prescription. This is a sure way to cut down on manually recording in the Dictaphone & later writing down one’s own prescription.

This app can be developed further by introducing speech recognition. The company plans to incorporate this & more features like practice management systems, wherein data from multiple clinics attended by the specialist is collated & made available at the click of a button.

Lets see how rapidly such technologies are absorbed by doctors.

2 Responses to “OrraHealth Focuses On Seamless Medical Connectivity”

  1. Dr Andrew Johnson
    March 7, 2012 at 12:07 pm #

    While browsing for applications on the Istores, I came across Orrahealth, I tried to give it a shot and I was surprised that it worked like a breeze. However voice recognition is a feature which will take the application to the next level, I would be willing to pay a premium if they include voice recognition in the offerings.

  2. Dr. Roger Hurbert
    March 7, 2012 at 4:34 pm #

    I checked out the app post drifting through this article. It comes with strong credentials and absolutely stands up to it. As I travel across 5 clinics each day, the clinic selection option is of great value to me.

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