Google Play Replaces Android Market; Ignores India Again

Google has silently rolled out a major update to the Android ecosystem last night which represents a big shift in buying and consumption of Content on the mobile platform. This new service is called Google Play.


Google Play is the new way for Android users to access content and makes full use of cloud technologies to make the content seamless between your devices. Here is the video that they made for the launch.

The service will effectively replace Android Market and add a lot of features that the market was missing. You will now be able to buy books, Movies, Videos and Apps all from one place. All everything you do on Google Play will be synced across all your Android Devices, including your desktop or Laptop. Here are some of the features that the new service offers:

  1.  Store up to 20,000 songs for free and buy millions of songs.
  2. 450,000 Android apps and games.
  3. The world’s largest selection of eBooks.
  4. Rent your favorite movies including HD titles and new releases.

Pretty neat stuff, eh? However the biggest disappointment is that most of the services are only available in select countries for now and India is not on that list.

We can still access Google Play but only the apps section is available. The books, music and movies bit will take time. Google hasn’t given any time-lines on this. Google is slacking off a little bit where deployment of services in India is concerned. The Galaxy Nexus isn’t here yet. Ditto with Google Music, Google Books and Chromebooks. They need to realize that India is not a small market and that Android adoption in India is pretty significant.

Ranting aside, this move is a brilliant use of cloud technology and will boost the Android platform immensely. Google is going head on against Apple in terms of multimedia content solutions and this will be a tough fight!

Google has a special introductory offer on apps for Google Play. They are giving away some excellent apps like Endomondo Pro, World of Goo, Soundhound etc. for Rs.24.40 only.

Check it out here.

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