Expedia To Capture Indian Travel Lovers With A 60cr Brand Campaign: Will It Work?

In 2010, we blogged about Expedia coming to India by rolling out  Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP) . Expedia which is the now the hottest global online travel company is making news with its new plan of action. Expedia has decided to kick start its 360 degree advertising campaign across TV, digital media, radio and print.

Expedia big round on investment in this entire advertising campaign will be around Rs. 55 to 60 crore. The money is justified enough given the fact that Expedia will soon have TV commercials which does cost a fortune. This campaign will target Indians on the whole and has been designed by  Lower Lintas as “Expedia-one word for travel“.

Manmeet Ahluwalia, Head, Marketing, Expedia India says, “The campaign is designed keeping in mind the travel proposition offered by Expedia to consumers in India and globally”. Last year Expedia had an exciting brand launch where almost as Manmeet says, “we spent over Rs 25 crore purely on local marketing initiatives and experienced a growth of 200 per cent in the business. This year, with a marketing spend of Rs 55 to 60 crore and an aggressive campaign, we are expecting to substantially increase our market share in the segment“.

Another interesting part of this campaign is that it aims to bring in a flood of bloggers in the country by inviting travel articles for them. The top 5 entries will be eligible to win a visit to 5 destinations across the globe.

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