Is The New Pinterest For India: But Will It Be Equally Popular?

Pintile is India’s online pinboard for India. This is in tune with the most creative social networking platform known as Pinterest. Pintile has been conceptualized and developed by Fizzy Software founded in 2007 by Sudhanshu Aggarwal and Ashish Sharma.

Just like Pinterest people can “PIN” as well as “Repin” their ideas, cultures and all that is very much Indian. So from food, styles, local cultures, languages till the number of states, Indian pinboard Pintile will win accolades galore.

As social networking platforms gains its momentum in India, Pintile has just hit the score.

With the launch of Pintile, some pinboards like Bollywood, cricket, politics, humour, entertainment are doing good rounds. Pintile is not the first initiative by Fizzy Software. They already have a basket full of creative web applications like DealKart and TextAdda and PlusRev (coming soon as a robust CRM platform). Based out of Gurgaon they have a built a rich portfolio with a plethora of Facebook applications as well as dynamic iPhone games.

If you love to  create and manage theme-based image collections, start pinning on Pintile right away just like Pinterest.

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