Indian E-Commerce Site Is The First One To Launch A Windows 8 App

It has hardly been any time since Microsoft released its Windows 8 Consumer Preview to the world and the first app for Windows 8 has been built or so they claim! They, in this case are an Indian E-commerce service called ‘Cbazaar’.

Cbazaar is an online store which specializes in handmade or ready-to-wear ethnic Indian clothing. This is a good example of forward thinking by the Indian firm as Windows 8 gets ready to replace its popular predecessor, Windows 7.

The app’s design is meant to closely complement the radical overhaul of the Windows UI. The new Windows UI is called Metro and it is in sync with their Windows phone product. The app makes it easy for people to shop right there from their Windows device without the need to go to the website. Apps for Windows were not even thought of earlier and the only thing the Windows platform relied on was the availability of good software. Now with Microsoft pushing for good developer relations on their phone and desktop/tablet product, the ‘app ecosystem’ may actually flourish very well. This could be so because of the large dependency that Indians have on the Windows OS since the initial offering, Windows 95.

The app runs only on the customer preview version of Windows 8. This preview has been downloaded by a million people already according to this tweet. We don’t know how many Indians have downloaded the beta but Cbazaar’s app may have the prime mover advantage of  being one of the few ready Windows 8 apps.

The app can be downloaded for free from the Windows Marketplace.

Indian web company Hanmer MSL owns Cbazaar and Rajesh Nahar, CEO & co-founder of Cbazaar spoke about this launch saying, “It was quite a challenging task to keep in pace with the technology that allows us to venture into a whole new realm of handling apps. Furthermore, accomplishing this advancement at a break-neck speed marks a niche, and bridges the gap between the end user’s demands and our capability to serve, technology-wise. We are expecting to witness a sea of change, an obvious result of this progress.”

E-commerce is a growing segment in India and this might soon lead other major e-commerce companies in India to do the same. We are looking at Flipkart and other Indian services to start launching apps for these platforms. Flipkart may need to release desktop and mobile apps which also complements their newly launched music store, Flyte. Let us see how e-commerce companies react to this new player in the app market.

Do you think Windows Marketplace will take off?

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