New Challenger To ClassPad, Acrossworld Education Brings Out ‘ATab’

AcrossWorld Education has just announced ATab, a tablet meant primarily for Education.

Priced  at Rs. 5000, the tablet will be manufactured in collaboration with Go Tech. The 7 Inch touch-screened tablet features mainstream specifications like a 1.12GHz (Single-Core) Processor, 512MB RAM. For connectivity it has Bluetooth & WiFi. Keeping in mind the purpose, no inbuilt 3G option is available.

What makes it stand apart is the bundled & available content. AcrossWorld is offering 3-year free and unlimited access to its proprietary education platform –EducationBridge. This cloud-sourced multimedia content will help not just students, but academic institutions & teachers in imparting education much more effectively. India is clearly witnessing emergence of low-cost tablets meant specifically for the education sphere. First Aakash made a splash. Though it made huge pre-sales its specs are very mediocre. Then came ClassPad, a brainchild of IITians. This is just the hardware.

Meanwhile, top-notch companies like Apple have also developed apps for spreading education through their iPads. Even Youtube started Educational ‘Channels’. Overall Education is getting attention like never before!

The ATab is supposed to be available from second week of March & it will have Google’s Android running the show. Though targeted at Educational institutes, it also has capability to plug a full-fledged 3G Dongle for high-speed internet on the go. Looks like it will work for everyone looking for a cheap & affordable tablet. Go Tech also has higher-spec’d tablets in its portfolio, Rs 8,000 for 7.1-inch FunTab Fudge & Rs 17,000 for 9.1-inch Funtab Fantasy.

Which Tablet have you chosen for Educational Purposes?

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