Mobile Internet v/s T.V Viewing & Desktop: Infographic By InMobi

In the year 2007, a detailed comprehensive survey  were carried on in 12 countries (including India) which stated that more than 7,600 young people between the ages of 16 – 29 shows that 77% will prefer staying without T.V than internet. Mobile Ad Network, InMobi recently conducted conducted similar survey which revealed that consumers spend 27% of their media time on mobile, compared to 22% on TV. It would be correct to say that, M-commerce have really soared up to impressive heights lately.

These results were moderated by InMobi in its Mobile Media Consumption report.

Mobile Media Consumption report displays its key finding on M-commerce looking at the rate of usage and time spend by consumers. The report finds that Three quarters (76%) of mobile consumers plan to conduct M- commerce activities within the next year. 42% users believes that mobile advertising is now becoming mainstream since they can access advertisement even when they are on move. Facebook, then made a good move by introducing ads in their mobile app. :).

Other Highlights

  • 39% of consumers use their mobile phones while watching TV.
  • 42% of mobile consumers claim mobile advertising has introduced them to something new.
  • Advertising on mobile devices has led to mobile gaining tremendous popularity as a viable shopping channel, with
  • 23% of respondents indicating that mobile ads saves time and money
  • 14% of respondents indicating that mobile ads have influenced them to buy via mobile

You can check the following video for short summary

Asia taking up maximum share of mobile marketing surely points out consumers willing to spend their time more on their devices than in front of desktop.

But according to us incorporating advertisement on every platforms and channels is a bit too much because nobody likes when ads keeps popping up interrupting our peaceful escape to the virtual world?

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