BigFlix Gets 200 Hindi Movies; Courtesy Unisys

BigFlix has added 200 Bollywood movies thanks to its agreement with Unisys Infosolutions.

The Reliance ADA owned Video content service provider has tied up with VAS and Enterprise Messaging Solutions Provider for online streaming of over 200 full-length feature films & music videos.  Additionally, the agreement also allows Bigflix, access to regional content. With over 5,000 music videos in more than 15 languages, the VAS provider has just opened a treasure-trove of content that can be made available across platforms.

BigFlix has been on content aggregation lately. It appears that BigFlix is in preparation to rival Netflix as & when it launches in India. It also has to YouTube & Yahoo to compete & given the size of the Digital content market, the sooner companies garner more content the better. BigFlix recently partnered with Airtel to stream content to Airtel’s subscribers.

All the video streaming companies have a singular problem. High speed data streaming. Owing to scams & faulty implementation, high speed internet on the move is still a distant dream. Unless Telecom companies sober-up & start offering reasonably priced data plans for unlimited usage, live streaming of full-length movies will remain a proof-of-concept. Reliance has till date acquired lots of content through Reliance Entertainment & other ventures. It also has the capability to stream data effortlessly through its in-house distribution network. Lets see how this new acquisition affects its value-proposition.

Do you stream content on your phone or tablet? How’s the experience?

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