RIM Eyes 100,000 Developers Working For Its Apps; Too Ambitious?

RIM wants to leave no stone unturned when its revolutionary BlackBerry OS 10 (OSX) arrives. BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) has set an ambitious target to have 100,000 Developers working for its app & software ecosystem by 2014. The company currently has an army of 28,000 registered developers. Two years ago it was just 5000. Going by that rate they could easily cross 100,000 in 2 more years feels Annie Mathew,  RIM India, “We expect the same kind of growth for the coming years, and the number should cross the 100,000-mark by 2014”.

Why the growing demand for app developers?

The size of the app market defines the strength of the smartphone company. More the number of apps, higher is the perceived benefit of owing the phone of that particular OS. RIM is preparing to launch its devices with its latest OS christened OS 10. Though delayed, it can still capture the market if buyers feel the app support to be very high. RIM has been struggling lately what with billing anomalies, Government issues, Network failures & even hardware recalls! It does not need another point of criticism.

Apps are the latest fuel that drives Smartphone sales. All global companies are trying to add applications to their catalog. However, for every paid app there multiple free alternatives available, so developers loose.

Also, apps meant for messaging are killing revenue from SMS, hence Telcos are loosing too. Question rises who is gaining from the burgeoning market of apps? The smartphone manufacturers of course! With impressive numbers like a million apps, such companies mesmerize the average consumer & trick him into buying the smartphone. Will you buy a Smartphone due to its large app market?

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