Docomo Offers Unlimited Gaming For A Monthly Fee; Gamer’s Delight?

Tata Docomo has inked an agreement with Extent to allow its subscribers unlimited access to ‘GameTanium’, for a monthly fee.

Simply titled ‘Let’s Play’ this service is channeled through the Company Extent’s subscription based gaming service.

How’s this service different from say, buying the games individually or playing free games?

Well, for starters, all the games will be full & advertisement free. Most free applications or games have some form of advertisement built-into them. These pesky messages & pop-ups keep the app / game free. Secondly, for a small monthly fee, Tata Docomo & ‘Let’s Play’ subscribers will have unlimited access to ever-increasing games catalogue.  To top everything, the service can be played even while offline!

Smart-phones that consume lots of data have become a commonplace in India. The choice of smartphones coupled with expanding mobile broadband penetration has made Indian customers to expect much more from their mobile service provider beyond calling and texting. Secondly, Android as a mobile operating platform has gained exponential adoption with phones & tablets available across price platforms. Under such circumstances, Tata’s ‘All You Can Eat’ subscription service makes business sense, where choice is unlimited.

Mobile Gaming is a very lucrative field. It has been growing steadily over the years. If only the quality & speed of Mobile internet improves while keeping the tariffs low, one might see an even increased attraction. Lets see, how Tata Docomo adjusts its strategies to cater to a gaming fanatic Android user!

Would you prefer to buy individual games or pay a monthly subscription & opt for choice?

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