Pinterest Is The New Fad For Driving Traffic To Women’s Magazines: But Will It Deliver In The Long Run?

Pinterest now is the virtual pin-board for a gamut of women’s magazines. This has boosted their traffic and attracted bigger referral figures as compared to other networks such as Facebook or Yahoo.

Pinterest helps brands to organize their images on Pinterest and engage users. The marketing mantra today lies in setting the happiness quotient for users and Pinterest has outgrown by leaps and bounds. It was the most sought after referral junction for and  Cooking Light’s website traffic plummeted to 6000% with Pinterest standing next after Google. Facebook somehow got shrouded amidst the Pinterest wave.

Pinterest has been harnessed by Country Living, Elle Decor, House Beautiful for increasing their traffic flow and it paid well. This was all organic traffic. Woman play a better part here since style, home, decor, food are the top most categories on the web and most of the users are women. So keeping in mind this, women oriented magazines tried their hands on Pinterest to add a zest to their user experience and brand loyalty. ViziSense had earlier reported that women were more on social networks than on shopping. This report was in regard to the Indian women behavior and the fact remains that Indian market is growing day in and out. Women have been shaping up the web. Yes India has lately seen the rise of the shopping portals related to lifestyle as well.

Allison Mezzafonte, director of Hearst Digital Media’s Shelter Network says, “Creating Pinterest pages [for our magazines] allows us to share what we see around the web, and not just our own content. [Our audience] wants to know what we see, what we like, and what’s inspiring us beyond the beautiful images seen in the pages of our magazines“. Country Living took up an interesting strategy within its team to engage users on Pinterest. They have several pin boards and for each one they have assigned an editor. This allows pins and repins by users and Country Living also makes sure that these pins are cross posted on Twitter, Facebook and other networks.

Lot of publishers on the web are now adding another button to their web presence that is Pinterest. received most of its traffic from Pinterest due to the viral activity on this platform. This has definitely accounted for a different marketing approach altogether for brands and users. But the question is will this craze stay on or will just be a one day wonder? It is still under anticipation that brands will monetize on Pinterest but the course of action is yet to come.

The social media landscape has expanded and India has also joined the marathon. India ranks third in position with respect to social media usage and Linkedin alone has 12 million users. The rise of lifestyle portals has also invited a whopping female users and the trend of social networking is changing. But India has just reached the tip of the iceberg. Facebook made its entry and is trying to tap in.

What about Pinterest? Will Pinterest be able to sweep Indians off their feet or will it just pass silently without making any noise?

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