India Has The Youngest Population Accessing The Internet – Fulgoni, Comscore At Ad:Tech 2012

Gian M. Fulgoni, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Digital Analytics Firm, ComScore delivered an insightful keynote presentation at Ad:Tech New Delhi 2012.

He revealed that 75% of Indian Internet users fall below the age of 35 years on an average. Compare this with 52% of the world and 55% of Asia Pacific under that same age group and you will realize how massive the Internet is in India.

He also pointed out that a third of India’s Internet population is between 15 to 24 years old. The sizable mass of users spent close to 34.47 billion minutes or half a billion hours online in total. The potential for marketers on the Digital space is staggering. This should be a wake-up call for those guys who do not think reach of a brand on Digital and Social Media is not substantial yet.

Social Media and networking sites are growing at a rate of 174% while unique users are growing  at 88%. This shows that users are sticking on Social networks much longer these days and this is only going to increase. India leads the world average in Social Networking mainly due to our population and the ever increasing number of Internet savvy people. Social networking reaches 95% of our total online user base when compared to the world’s average of 82%. Another interesting thing to note is that email usage is slowly going down by as much 22% in the 15-24 age segment and 8% in the 25-34 age segment.

Fulgoni expressed relief that today there are accurate measures to track impressions in online advertising as compared to previous years. ComScore revealed that only 69% of the total display ads were seen by online users. This disparity is due to the fragmentation of methods and service in the Digital Advertising Industry. Fulgoni stressed the need for a ‘single tag’ solution which would wonders in cutting cost and at the same time be efficient in terms of a brands campaign gaining visibility.

Is it high time for the Indian Digital advertising industry to gain prominence over traditional advertising solutions? Share your thoughts with us.

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