Airtel Treats Kenya With Faster Internet

Airtel has just made faster Internet a reality for Kenyans, with introduction of 3.75G Technology.

Though not in the league of 4G, residents of Kenya will soon enjoy fastest internet in their regions thanks to Indian Telecom giant Bharti Airtel, who sees a lot of potential there. The company has confirmed that the technology is at par what is being currently offered in developed countries like Europe & USA.

The 3.75G Technology is superior to conventional 3G & offers much smoother video calls and live TV experience. The newly introduced Mobile Internet will also enable a much secure email transaction & downloads should be lighting fast exclaims, Mr. Shivan Bhargava, COO, Airtel Kenya, “The technology on our 3.75G network will give our customers the opportunity to interact with data in a different way

Mobile Internet technology surely is progressing; however, it is lacking adoption because of the high entry & monthly costs. In a country like India or Africa, where people are sometime deprived even of basic connectivity, will this faster internet be enough to bring in customers? In India, we are still reeling from the burden of 2G scams & some companies even had to down shutters. Under such circumstances 3G too has failed to take off. There was news about the upcoming 4G too, but so far nothing concrete has come of it. Similarly, Mobile TV is still considered a very niche product which has failed to take-off exponentially. Airtel could try & promote such additional benefits, provided customers can afford it.

Airtel could be testing this latest technology which is comparatively easier to roll out than 4G, in Africa, for a subsequent launch in India. Both the countries share a lot in terms of users & topography. If Airtel can price the tariff-plans well & manage to up the usage or data consumptions, we Indians could very well be in line for an upgrade soon!

Do you require high speed data on your mobile? How’s your experience so far?

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