TRAI Warns TelCos About MNP Malpractice. No Written Requests To Be Entertained.

Taking note of the high number of MNP requesting being cancelled, TRAI has issued a stern directive to “Stop the cancellation or withdrawal of MNP Port Out request by ‘Donor’ operator. Mobile Number Portability introduce in India was received with much fanfare. Though later it fizzled out. Upon wondering why, TRAI unearthed a shocking truth; Tricks that telecom operators were playing to either delay the request or reject it.

MNP Regulation 12 sheds light on the reasons using which donor operators can reject porting requests. Some of the reasons are Outstanding bill payment, Contractual obligations (2 Year contracts etc.), Pending request for change of ownership, Request within 90 days from service activation etc. However, it was found out that Telecom companies were cancelling or rejecting MNP Port out requests by taking Written Request from customers. Surprisingly, there’s no provision in the MNP rule-book to allow such requests.

Hence, TRAI has warned operators not to entertain any port cancellation requests in such formats.

While TRAI has issued directives to not take written requests, people are still facing problems with porting related delays. Many customers feel that getting the 8 digit Unique Porting Code (UPC) itself is a first major hurdle. There appears that many companies deliberately delay the generation of porting code & when confronted, they act fussy. Companies might be wondering why should they treat a customer nice, when he is clearly abandoning them? However, treating them poorly will not mean they remain loyal.

MNP has created a wave of change in the way the Mobile companies have been running their show. Basic improvements in call & network quality has now become a must priority. However, more than quality, the aspects that will make them superior, is the exclusive content they hold under Value Added Services (VAS).

Many Telcos already burdened with 3G not taking off, have this additional responsibility. What do you suggest they should do?

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