Idea Cellular To Introduce New RingBack Tunes; Courtesy Real Networks

Idea Cellular has partnered with RealNetworks India Pvt. Limited to offer innovation in RingBack Tones for its customers.

Dialer Tones or Ringback tones as a segment has grown steadily over the years & all service operators have this by default. Idea is among the top 10 Cellular operators in the country. On equal footing, Real Networks is spread over 10 Countries around the world with its services reaching 588 Million end-point consumers. Thus, the Idea-RealNetwork marriage is bound to have some wonderful effect of customers who seek to greet their callers with music instead to the boring ring!

A sizable revenue from the Value Added Services segment comes from RingBack Tunes. While there have been efforts to simplify the process for selection of service & songs, the segment seems to have reached a stagnation point feels Sashi Shankar, CMO, Idea Cellular Limited, “Dialer Tones has matured as a product and growth has stagnated. There is a need to invest in innovation and think out-of-the-box. We hope to partly address this through our partnership with RealNetworks”.

Overall Idea is handing about 1/3rd of its total base of over 100 million (& growing) subscribers to RealNetworks for Caller Tunes management.

Companies need constant innovation in a competitive environment to stay ahead. However, recent events have proven even maturity is! While companies are fighting left-right & center, Idea has chosen to focus on a platform which will help it grow beyond the petty tariff wars. In case of Ringback Tones, innovations such as unified codes given to songs that are recognized across the platform, help in selecting a song from multiple sources.

RealNetworks was shortlisted in an open bidding process in which other global and Indian VAS companies participated. A long-term agreement will enable Idea Cellular to offer RealNetwork’s expertise to 10 of its circles which include including Gujarat, Rajasthan, UP West, UP East, Bihar etc.

How many of our readers regularly use RingBack Tunes?

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