Former Google Exec Will Head What to Expect?

Sridhar Seshadri, who earlier worked at Google India, has joined

Seshadri, who headed Online Sales and Operations for Google India will now join the e-commerce venture as CEO. is a genre-specific website that offers Baby & neo-natal care products. HushBabies is one of the many baby-care websites that have sprouted recently.

India e-commerce scenario is ballooning rapidly. While new companies are making an entry, older ones seem to be in consolidation mood. As India witnesses a churning of such start-ups it will be vital to have a visionary at the helm to steer the company through turbulent waters. Companies are struggling with finances & have a lot of ground to cover. Seshadri’s expertise earlier as Business Head of Financial Services & later as Country Head, Online Sales and Operations, India, should certainly come in India. He also worked for 10 years with ICICI Bank earlier.

Mr. Seshadri immediate job as CEO will be to effectively head not just, but also it sister site While HushBabies offers products & merchandise, BabyBox offers brands a platform to reach out to parents of new born babies via their network of hospitals/nursing homes/maternity centers. It also imparts health advice from doctors and health professionals through a parents interactive forum. Mr. Seshadri, could successfully manage to enhance the cross-selling that the sites often resort to.

It appears, merely offering products is passé. Every company is now engrossed in offering something more than a sale.  In the long run, it will not be the number of products in your catalogue, but the effectiveness with which the companies satisfy or even delightfully surprise a customer, that will decide whether the company becomes a roaring success or fold prematurely.

There are few online portals where baby products are sold like & We really want to know are these portals for baby portals really working? Well with the joining of Sridhar Seshadri there might some some really good growth in the industry.

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