Indian Mobile Users Give Kudos To Pepsi Over Coke As Excavated By Vulcip Survey

Vulcip which happens to be the world’s largest mobile video service revealed that almost half of Indian mobile users prefer Pepsi as their most loved cola brand.

Vulcip has emerged as an on-demand video service on the go. It has been serving millions of people with almost 21 million videos across the planet.

Vulcip has been doing the research on India’s favorite cola brands. This was a end to end mobile survey and Pepsi rose out to be the victorious with 46% users responding to Pepsi over Coca Cola which was only 20%. Thumbs Up got 17% respondents from India out of a total of 2, 37,786 votes from mobile phone users. The age bracket of these users accounted to a 45% who were aged between 18-25 years, 27% were below 18 years and only 18% were in the 25-36 year age group.

This survey was conducted through the mobile version of Vulcip On a global scale the total participants were almost 6,00,000. The votes were from 20 nations like US, Canada, UK, Mexico, Brazil, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Russia and many more.

Ashwin Puri, Global Head of Advertising, Vuclip said, “With the total number of mobile subscribers in India set to reach the billion mark, the mobile phone is fast becoming the de facto source for entertainment, especially among youth. Consumers are spending more and more time interacting with their phones than any other platform. Vuclip’s vast network of 30 million monthly active mobile users around the world positions us uniquely to get a pulse of the consumers’ brand preferences. Our surveys offer just one example of how we can bring a high level of relevance to brand advertisers and their branding campaigns, helping them reach their consumers. Today, the mobile internet offers an unmatched platform for marketers to maintain and build their brand relevance.

The Indian story from Vulcip was revealed just when ad:tech New Delhi 2012 is knocking at the door. So Vulcip is more keen to unveil many such intriguing statistics in ad:tech New Delhi 2012 this Thursday on the 23rd February. The workshops will focus on habits of Indian mobile freaks, their preferences and the wave of change in consumer behavior and their relation with brands with regard to video consumption.

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