Explore Music With The New Gaana.com Facebook App

Gaana.com an initiative from IndiaTimes arena is now available as a Facebook app on timleline.

Music goes social on the web, they are given a number of options that allows them to share and discover music across all genres. On Gaana.com user can share the music they are currently tuned into.

The interesting thing is that Gaana.com brings a new verb for Facebook music listening. So when a user is logged in on Gaana.com, a message goes out to the Facebook world what are they listening to. Gaana.com has gone beyond to unveil their all new HTML5 iPad version so that all gizmo lovers can enjoy music on the go. Rishi Khiani, the CEO of Times Internet Ltd exclaimed, “We have always believed music is discovered via common tastes and peer to peer recommendation. With Gaana.com’s integration on Facebook’s Timeline, we expect to see strong traction of our content and an increased user base via Facebook“.

This new app has received a lot of love from Facebook fans and stands with 0.14 million likes. Lot of other companies in India are also trying their hands on social music. Saavn.com which was launched as a startup five years ago now makes a new comeback with an application on Facebook and has 1.38 million fans on Facebook.

Gaana.com caters to Indian regional music as well. Apart from that on Gaana.com one can listen to various genres as well as artists both national and international. So we will have to see what users love on Facebook with so many choices. Let us know what are your comments on Gaana.com. 

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