Taxis Are The New Avenue For Advertising. Will It Work?

Out of Home (OOH) Advertising company En Route has come up with a potentially market altering medium to show advertisements to people who are traveling in taxis.

En Route’s digital entertainment network called Flo has been installed in more than 250 taxis owned by EasyCabs. It appears that advertisers really want to gathered attention of consumers by any means.  Small TFT-LCD screens fitted at the back of the head-rest are being used which can be directly or remotely fed with relevant multimedia. With touch-screen functionalists, where users can interact with the advertising. This sends a whole lot of valuable information back to the advertising agency. How many actually showed interest in the products? Which format of ads work better? How to engage the audience more? Will games work better than mere video, etc.

At present is the only company that has shown interest in such medium advertising as it claims to be the only India site offering deals through digital signage.  Advertising seems to be making inroads into all our activities. Some years ago BEST buses & even local trains had introduced advertisements through LCD TVs. What next? Rickshaws?

Advertising is a big business in this era in India. Indian Advertising industry has witnessed a prominent globalization. Let’s see if this new avenue can bring furthermore improvement  in our country.  :)

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