Special Feature: Vserv’s In-App Advertising Creates Higher Earning Potential

Vserv’s business strategies seem to be appeasing & hence Technology architect veteran T. S. Ramakrishnan, has chosen to be its Technology Advisor. Vserv has had quite a climb in a small span of time. We had reported about Vserv way back in June last year when PayMate put up money to encourage in-App advertising.

Developed by Dippak Khurana and Akshay Padwal, Vserv acts as a community Market Place for Ads. Developers, Publishers and Advertisers who wish to monetize their wares, can make use of Vserv ready-to-fit architecture to incorporate advertisements with Vser’s tie-ups with ad sources.

One such enterprise which owes its success to Vserv is ‘Twist Mobile’, which has over 15 apps in Nokia Ovi store that have been neatly monetized using Vserv’s engine. The ad engine relies on the J2ME or Java platform which is one of the oldest platforms meant for mobile technology. Scalability & cross-platform operability being the firms largest strengths, Vserv can easily make great strides to offer innovative earning techniques to app & game developers.

With over 7000 apps & games already making money through in-app advertising, no wonder Vserv is becoming a preferred technology. After all, advertising can keep the applications & games free for the end-user. But, how effective are they even if cleverly inserted? That said, the Cost per Impression (CPI) is so low, it hardly makes a dent.

Furthermore, some algorithms allow monetization only if the ad is clicked. Thus, even the advertiser knows that the ads are being watched.

Vserv recently opened a office in Singapore to attract regional talent & more effectively cater to their international clients. Hiring of Mr. Ramakrishnan certainly seems a step in the right direction as he brings with him over 22 years worth of golden experience working with internet giants like Facebook, Yahoo, Skype, oracle etc. Lets see what steps Vserv takes to stay ahead of competition.

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